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Recordings in this section provided by DSM

5 digit access codes have changed
911 is not available in this area
Demonstration of the ANAC number
Your repeat dialing requests have been canceled

All circuits are busy
Long distance code required
Your call can not be completed
Can not process your custom calling request

Disconnected Number
Please hang up and try again
Long distance company is having problems
You must first dial 0 or 1 and the area code

You must dial 1 or 0 first
Please use area code 765
Don’t dial 0
Don’t dial 1

Access code not needed
Not from this calling area
Your call did not go through
The area code or number is not valid (male voice)

The area code or number is not valid (female voice)
When dialing a call outside your area code…
The number is busy, if it becomes free…
The service is not available on this line

Not from the phone you are using
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