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These recordings feature a man from US West.

Deposit 25ยข
911 is not a working number
Please call an attendant to help you
Long distance code required

Dial 1 first
Please check the instruction manual
Don’t dial 0
Don’t dial 1

Access code not needed
Not from the phone you are using

Newer recordings used by US West.

This local call has changed to 10 digits
The area code has changed to 541
5 digit access codes have changed
Anonymous Call Rejection

To activate phone service at this location
Remember, you must now dial the area code
The number was blocked
Number is busy, special ringing will…

You have canceled your request
Party is on the phone, they will call back
Long distance access code required
This call requires a coin deposit

Don’t dial 1 or 0
Party is on the phone, please hold
Number can’t be reached
The last call was traced

The party isn’t receiving calls
Access code not needed
Call can’t be completed as dialed
Number can’t be reached now

The last call can’t be traced
The number was free, but is busy again
Your service has been restricted
Selective Call Forwarding

Other US West.

Remember, you must now dial the area code…
Please hang up and try again
Due to network difficulties…
This call will be forwarded over private facilities

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